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Audio Recording with a Raspberry Pi Part 2 of 2

I've took a lot longer than intended to write this up! Whoops. Sorry to anyone waiting with bated breath...

So, I've decided on a number of technologies to make this project work:

  • Bittorrent Sync to transfer completed mp3 files and podcast rss files to a web site.
  • Resin.io to keep the raspberry pi updated with any changes I make to the scripts. Resin.io uses Docker to contain the application. It uses a neat system to create new Docker images, so that when you push your changes to git, resin.io will automatically build the Docker image, and then upload it when the Raspberry Pi is on/ready.
  • I plan on using Python for the running application. It's easy to access the GPIO pins on the raspberry pi with this, and doing things like a web interface is easy using Python.
  • There isn't much provision for audio on the Raspberry Pi. In fact, there is no way of getting audio in, so I need a device to provide audio in. I'm going for a Behringer usb sound card - this one looks good.

So that's the rough idea of where I'm headed. Next I plan to show the hardware.